517 Trans specializes in rebuilding transmission components. Customers from across the United States trust 517 Trans to do the job right.

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Valve Body Recalibration

Upgraded your engine and need a little transmission boost? Order our Valve Body Recalibration.

Eliminate transmission sluggishness between shifts
Firm, fast shifting
Long lasting clutches due to less slippage

An upgraded valve body gets a complete overhaul, including new upgraded valves, gaskets and springs.

Torque Convertor

The Torque Convertor will eliminate sluggish take off and provide a better torque multiplication rate. Deliver more power to the wheels with an improved match of new engine power and upgraded torque convertor. Includes upgrades in bearings, lock up clutch, & stator assembly. All are balanced!


Complete transmissions are for the hard driven, high performance vehicle that has upgraded horsepower and torque. Our units come with high performance clutch packs, steels, band assembly, pump assembly, recalibrated valve body, bearings, and seals. More than twice the strength of the original transmission for high performance applications.

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